Hello everyone!

I’m Amanda and this is the first post!  Thanks for visiting!

Regular Day Company is a small arts and crafts business run by myself, Amanda Robb, with a little help from my husband, Jason Robb.  Here at RDC I strive to make the best handmade goods possible.  With my art I hope to make each regular day fantastic!  My ceramics, pillows and quilts are made with the utmost quality and love.  I have been doing art as long as I can remember and it is a major part of my life.  I believe art is a beautiful part of life and is meant to be appreciated and celebrated.  My goal is to bring art into apartments and houses to make them feel a little more like a home.   Here is a colorful fleece blanket I made for my husband, although it seems our kitten has claimed it for her own!  My plush pieces are loved by man and animal alike!

I sell my goods on etsy, so please have a visit if you are interested in finding something for you own home!

In my day life I am a PhD student.  As much as I love art, I also love science, and I believe the two are strongly linked.  Science is a creative process and everyday I am presented with new challenges and design puzzles.  I think my creativity in art brings a new perspective to the lab and makes my work more innovative.

As with art influencing science, my science also influences art.  Many of my hand sewn pillows have biological themes and I frequently use the color schemes found in fluorescence imaging and biology to guide my quilting choices.

I am also a painter and the complexity of living systems frequently appears as a theme in my painting.  I think biology is beautiful and intricate and really the most awesome art there is.  I hope to merge the beauty of science and biology with the expression and comfort of art.  This is a piece that I made for an art show in New York, kind of an in progress shot.  But this series was influenced by the layers of complexity of biology.  You can see the full set here.

I create wheel thrown and handbuilt pottery at my local studio with a variety of clay.  Here is a sneak peak at my workspace:

I hoped you enjoyed the photos and will look for some more on my flickr stream and visit my etsy store!

Thanks for coming, and have I hope your regular day turns fantastic!