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Hello!  I am writing to you all today to announce a new item, and section in my shop.

Recently I have made another cell pillow – this time for sale!  I love making these pillows because the top is entirely hand sewn.  I love just sitting at the kitchen table and puttering away at the stitches with my coffee and snack.  There is something so soothing about hand sewing.  The top is machine pieced onto cuddly felt and then the whole thing is sewn shut and stuffed.

As a scientist, I really think cells are incredible things.  They are absolutely so complex that I feel we may never know all their nuances.  Cells are these amazing little machines that make up each and every one of us.  I think they are beautiful works of art and it facinates me to study them.  Probably thousands of people, or more, study these little units will all our hearts and still we are so far from understanding their secrets.  Then of course there is further complexity where the cells assembly into tissues, and tissues into organs, and then into whole humans!! And then there are studies of human interactions, population studies!!  The excitement never ends!

Anyway,  here is your chance to bring a little excitement of science into your home.  Check out my Etsy shop for this brightly colored interpretation of a common mammalian cell.


Hi everyone!  So today I started my first treasury on etsy!  I wanted to share my experience with you.  First of all – it is really hard to pick a theme.  This might seem easy, but there are so many things to choose from and whatever theme it may be needs to include items that all flow together.

I think it takes good design skills and color theory to make a really good treasury.  You need to understand what looks good and which pictures to place next to each other.  What colors should the treasury be, and which colors look good together is a big question for me.  I pretty much love every color and am known to just mash everything I like into one work of art, which sometimes works but sometimes doesn’t:

Fail: I made this with a beautiful charm set I bought on etsy.  I didn’t think through the color arrangement at all and just slapped things together.  I guess it looks okay, but not my favorite.  Here we could use some good color theory and design skills to improve!

Win: Other times the rainbow thing works beautifully and I love the results!  Maybe you will too..

For my treasury I decided to play it safe and go with a rainbow theme.  All the colors in each picture!  I love rainbow everything, and glitter, but that is another topic.  I think a rainbow can be interpreted as a sign that the storm is over, and things are bright again.  So here is my rainbow treasury.  Have a look and leave me some comments!  This is my first treasury so I might need some improvements =)